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Hi readers!

I'd like to wish you all a sizzzzling 2009 filled with many wonderful books!

:-) Anita.

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A ghost ship must wander the oceans forever. Will true love break the curse?

THE FLYING DUTCHMAN is a wonderful thrilling erotic paranormal time travel novella.

Kelly Wilbers is about to marry handsome Ron, when she finds her husband-to-be in the arms of an other woman.
In shock Kelly puts on her wedding gown and walks into the sea to finish her lousy life.
But she ends up on an ancient historical Three Master, in the strong arms of its handsome captain...
Is she on a party ship perhaps? Or did something very weard happen to her?

A brand new single story in NCP's FIVE STARS series Legends of the Low Lands

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"Interview at Coffee Time Romance"

Hi reader!

There's a nice interview with yours truly on line. :-)

Read the interview here


"Ice Maiden got Five Stars!"

I'm thrilled!

I just found out that the review site Euro-Reviews granted ICE MAIDEN Five Stars!

Aren't they cute? I can't stop looking at them!

Reviewer Annie writes: "This is certainly a new plot twist! I highly recommend this one, a fast-paced and fascinating read!"



June 2006

"Ice Maiden is released!"

While I was enjoying a wonderful vacation in sunny Toscane,
my publisher NCP has released my thrilling erotic paranormal novella: ICE MAIDEN.

ICE MAIDEN is part two of the series Legends of the Low Lands .

No matter how hard Lizzy Rumbolds tries when making love to a man, she never reaches a real orgasm.
Will an ancient German relic give her what she craves?


May 2006

"Got my cover!"

I'm so excited!

I got my cover for ICE MAIDEN.

ICE MAIDEN is a thrilling erotic paranormal novella, part two of the series Legends of the Low Lands.

No matter how hard Lizzy Rumbolds tries when making love to a man, she never reaches a real orgasm.
Will an ancient German relic give her what she craves?

ICE MAIDEN is scheduled for May 19.

I can hardly wait!


Monday, April 24, 2006

"My babies finally arrived!"

Hi reader!

My little babies finally arrived!

Two beautiful Birmans cats,
called Simba (on the left) and Zorro (have you guessed? on the right).

Aren't they cute?

From now on, my novels will never be the same. :-)

While I'm typing they rush over my keyboard, changing the course of my story.

And even worse... They try to catch my fingers while I'm working.

I simply love my two brothers in arms!

Friday, March 31, 2006


I'm thrilled to announce the release of my brand new erotic paranormal novella LORD OF THE MARSH !

To celebrate I'm running a special Lord of the Marsh Contest for Buyers !

Get all info here!



Tuesday, March 28, 2006


I'm expecting!

Oh, you're not surprised? You think it's just normal for an author to eagerly await the release of her new book?

Yes, of course I can't wait to hold my next new baby, LORD OF THE MARSH!

Yet... there are two other babies underway too!

© picture by Annemarie Vanengelandt

The two kittens on the right of the picture will soon be mine! Aren't they cute?
I can't wait till they are old enough to say farewell to their mommy and be mine!

I'll keep you posted!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

"Lord of the Marsh will be out soon!"

Snippet from the Naarderland Gazette:
"For the second time this year a young woman disappeared in the desolate nature reserve 'Naarderland Marsh'.
Authorities fear the girl has tragically lost her way in the treacherous swampland, and drowned.
Superstitious local farmers whisper the so called Lord of the Marsh has claimed his next victim."

Hi Reader!
Good to meet you again!

Many of you have asked me what's keeping my paranormal erotic Romance LORD OF THE MARSH so long.

Well, the gorgeous hunk got trapped in his own swamp! (LOL) He'll be released by the end of this month.

To make up for the delay, you can grab your chance to win a cute miniature Dutch windmill !

Question: Where does the Lord of the Marsh live? HINT

You can mail me your answer Mail Anita

The winner will be announced by the end of this month.
Good luck!

Friday, February 17, 2006

"Got my cover!"

Today is one of those days that make all my hard work worth the while.
My NCP editor sent me the cover of LORD OF THE MARSH!
Looks just gorgeous, right?

Monday, February 13, 2006


There was this great article in the newspaper this morning.
The British National Health Service has good news for those who want to keep their health and figure:
sexercize does the trick!

"If you’ve found yourself struggling to slot a fitness regime into your daily routine -
forget about jogging round the block or struggling with sit-ups,
and get yourself a better workout between the sheets!
Why not warm each other up more often this winter with a good bout of ‘sexercise’
- one form of exercise that you're guaranteed to want to make time for.
Sex uses every muscle group, gets the heart and lungs working hard, and burns about 300 calories an hour!
Also, orgasms can actually make you glow with health.
The increased production of the hormones will make your hair shine and your skin smooth.
And if you’re worried about wrinkles – orgasms even help prevent frown lines from deepening.

So, regular romps this winter could lead to a better body and a younger look…
as if you needed another excuse!"

Saturday, February 11, 2006

The LORD OF THE MARSH is coming on March 17th!

Did you miss me?

I've spent a wonderful vacation on one of the Canary Islands, Fuerteventura.
Fuerteventura is the dryest island.
For the first time in my life I've seen mummified dog shit. No kidding!

Anyway, when I came back and opened my mail box I found out my
erotic paranormal romance LORD OF THE MARSH
will be out on March 17th!

Click here to read an excerpt!

Spring is in the air!

Look, what I found in my front yard today:
the first blooming snowdrops in the ice cold snow.

No matter how cold the rest of this winter will be:
the wonderful sunny days of Spring are just two calendar pages away!

Monday, January 2, 2006

Happy New Year!

I wish you a wonderful New Year with many sizzzling novels!

May all your dreams come true!

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