'Lord of the Marsh' Reviews


*Five Stars!*

Dutch reviewer Hanny van de Kamp granted LORD OF THE MARSH... Five Stars!

"A great story! You're really good!"

A glass Martini 'on the rocks' at hand, I curled up on the couch to enjoy this thrilling legend.
My! I needed the ice!
This marvelous story grabbed me and I couldnít stop reading before I reached the exciting climax. :-)
I really fell in love with Gerard. Too bad this breathtaking hunk canít be mine.

I look forward to reading the upcoming parts of these 'Legends of the Low Lands'.

Five Stars are well deserved!

*Four Angels!*

Fallen Angel Reviews granted LORD OF THE MARSH... Four Angels!

"Anita Verkerk has created a story that mixes a heart-felt legend of love with the desires to reclaim what was lost.
Myra is a woman that has lost everything or so she believes she has.
Her inability to see herself as a beautiful woman is a realistic and believable emotion.
The instantaneous attraction to the mysterious man offers readers an insight into the passionate soul Myra has.
Her mysterious man has a heart that readers will love.
Readers will be cheering for Myra from the very first page until the very last one.
As this tale, Lord of the Marsh, unfolds, readers will be pleased with the journey Myra is willing to take
in order to find what she wants, happiness and love."
4 Angels!

Reviewed by: Shayley

*Just Erotic Romance Reviews*... "A very sexy and fun read. Youíll love it!"



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