Welcome to my website!

Award-winning Dutch author Anita Verkerk lives in The Netherlands with her husband and two cats.
She is graduated in mediaeval history, and was a middle school teacher for many years.

She loves traveling, reading, and visiting mysterious castles. But her real passion is writing romance.

Anita published lots of medical romances, castle romances and romantic suspense novels in The Netherlands.
Her Dutch novels are available in the book stores, but you can also find them on Library shelves all over Holland and Belgium. She also wrote hundreds of romantic short stories for many different well-known Dutch magazines.

Several years ago Anita wanted to spread her wings and she started writing spicy erotic love stories in English. These sizzling fairy tales for grown-up 18+ girls were first published by New Concepts Publishing in the USA and are now available from Anita's Dutch publisher Uitgeverij Cupido.

The e-pubs in English are for sale worldwide.